Irma Yeginbayeva

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Effects of ‘in-service’ conditions–mimicked hull roughness ranges and biofilms–on the surface and the hydrodynamic characteristics of foul-release type coatings

Irma Yeginbayeva, Mehmet Atlar, Serkan Turkmen et al
Biofouling. Vol. 36 (9), p. 1074-1089
Journal article

Review and Comparison of Methods to Model Ship Hull Roughness

Jennie Andersson, Dinis Oliveira, Irma Yeginbayeva et al
Applied Ocean Research. Vol. 99
Journal article

Analysis of Pressure Drop Data in Channel Flows Over Foul-Control Coatings

Irma Yeginbayeva, Valery Chernoray, Lena Granhag
Website of AMT'19
Other conference contribution

A multi-aspect study of commercial coatings under the effect of surface roughness and fouling

Irma Yeginbayeva, Lena Granhag, Valery Chernoray
Progress in Organic Coatings. Vol. 135, p. 352-367
Journal article

Review and Historical Overview of Experimental Facilities Used in Hull Coating Hydrodynamic Tests

Irma Yeginbayeva, Lena Granhag, Valery Chernoray
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part M: Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment. Vol. 233 (4), p. 1240-1259
Review article

Experimental Quantification of Drag Change of Commercial Coatings Under the Effect of Surface Roughness and Soft Fouling

Irma Yeginbayeva, Lena Granhag, Valery Chernoray
Other conference contribution

An experimental Investigation into the surface and hydrodynamic characteristics of marine coatings with mimicked hull roughness ranges

Irma Yeginbayeva, Mehmet Atlar
Biofouling. Vol. 34 (9), p. 1001-1019
Journal article

Biofouling Control Solutions for Reduced Energy Consumption in Vessels

Irma Yeginbayeva, Lena Granhag, Valery Chernoray et al
Conference poster

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Biofouling solutions that can improve energy consumption of vessels

Irma Yeginbayeva Maritime Environmental Sciences
Lena Granhag Maritime Environmental Sciences
Valery Chernoray Fluid Dynamics

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