Jan Rydberg

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Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry: Fourth Edition

G. Choppin, Jan Liljenzin, Jan Rydberg et al

Strålrisk inte skäl att flytta

Christian Ekberg, Jan Rydberg, Jan Liljenzin
Fria ord, Göteborgs-Posten 1997-03.12
Magazine article

Kärnkemisk utbildning och forskning - insatser och behov

Gunnar Skarnemark, Jan Liljenzin, Jan Rydberg

Actinide Sorption on Rock Minerals

Bert Allard, Karin Andersson, Jan Rydberg
Proceedings of the International Seminar on Chemistry and Process Engineering for High Level Liquid Waste. Vol. Jül Conf 42
Other conference contribution

Reducing the Long-term Hazard of Reactor Waste through Actinide Removal and Destruction in LWR's

Gunnar Skarnemark, Jan Rydberg, Jan Liljenzin
Sep. Sci. Techn. Vol. 15 (4), p. 799-824
Journal article

Possible Retention of Iodine in the Ground

Bert Allard, Karin Andersson, Jan Rydberg
Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management. Vol. 2
Paper in proceeding

SISAK - A New Technique for Rapid Continuous (Radio)chemical Separations

Gunnar Skarnemark, Jan Rydberg
Journal of Inorganic Nuclear Chemistry (36), p. 2397-
Journal article

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