Jayesh Khatri

Doctoral Student at Combustion and Propulsion Systems

Jayesh Khatri is working as a PhD student in the Combustion and Propulsion Systems Division on future IC Engines and Hybrid Vehicles. The aim of his research is to optimize the hybrid system (engine Optimization, control strategy) for maximum efficiency and lowest emissions to comply with future EU Emission Legislations.
This research is interesting for people from a Mechanical and Electrical Engineering background, especially Automotive and Mechatronics engineers.

If the desired objectives and aim of the project are achieved, a substantial amount of fuel and CO2 reduction would be possible, consequently decreasing the Green House gases and dependency on fossil fuels. This is extremely important considering the increasing Global Warming.

Jayesh Khatri teaches subjects with specialization in Powertrain Systems.

Source: chalmers.se
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Water Injection System Application in a Mild Hybrid Powertrain

Jayesh Khatri, Lucien Koopmans
SAE Technical Papers. Vol. 2020-April (April)
Paper in proceeding

Effect of relative humidity on water injection technique in downsized spark ignition engines

Jayesh Khatri, Nikhil Sharma, Petter Dahlander et al
International Journal of Engine Research. Vol. In press
Journal article

Water Injection Benefits in a 3-Cylinder Downsized SI-Engine

Jayesh Khatri, Ingemar Denbratt, Petter Dahlander et al
SAE International Journal of Advances and Current Practices in Mobility. Vol. 2019-January (January), p. 236-248
Paper in proceeding

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