Jonas Ekström

Doktorand at Chalmers, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering

Jonas is a doctoral student at the Division of Structural Engineering, in the research group Concrete Structures, at Chalmers.




Blast and Fragment Impacts: Pre-study of strengthening of structures subjected to impulse loading

Mario Plos Structural Engineering
Morgan Johansson Structural Engineering
Joosef Leppänen Structural Engineering
Kent Gylltoft Structural Engineering
Jonas Ekström Structural Engineering
Rasmus Rempling Structural Engineering
Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

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Spalling in concrete subjected to shock wave blast

Jonas Ekström, Rasmus Rempling, Mario Plos et al
Engineering structures. Vol. 122, p. 72-82
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed

Concrete Structures Subjected to Blast Loading

Jonas Ekström,
Licentiate thesis

Influence of strain softening on spalling of concrete due to blast load

Jonas Ekström, Rasmus Rempling, Mario Plos et al
Nordic Concrete Research. Vol. 2/2014 (50)
Conference paper - peer reviewed