Sofia Karlsson

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Investigating corrosion memory: The influence of previous boiler operation on current corrosion rate

Maria Dolores Paz, Dongmei Zhao, Sofia Karlsson et al
Fuel Processing Technology. Vol. 156, p. 348-356
Journal article

High-Temperature Oxidation of FeCr(Ni) Alloys: The Behaviour After Breakaway

Torbjörn Jonsson, H. Larsson, Sofia Karlsson et al
Oxidation of Metals. Vol. 87 (3-4), p. 333-341
Journal article

A Laboratory Study of the in Situ Sulfation of Alkali Chloride Rich Deposits: Corrosion Perspective

Sofia Karlsson, Erik Larsson, Torbjörn Jonsson et al
Energy & Fuels. Vol. 30 (9), p. 7256-7267
Journal article

Oxidation After Breakdown of the Chromium-Rich Scale on Stainless Steels at High Temperature: Internal Oxidation

Torbjörn Jonsson, Sofia Karlsson, Hamed Hoseini Hooshyar et al
Oxidation of Metals. Vol. 85 (5-6), p. 509-536
Journal article

Mitigation of Fireside Corrosion of Stainless Steel in Power Plants: A Laboratory Study of the Influences of SO2 and KCl on Initial Stages of Corrosion

Sofia Karlsson, Torbjörn Jonsson, Josefin Hall et al
Energy & Fuels. Vol. 28 (5), p. 3102-3109
Journal article

Alkali Induced High Temperature Corrosion of Stainless Steel: The Influence of NaCl, KCl and CaCl2

Sofia Karlsson, Jesper Pettersson, Lars-Gunnar Johansson et al
Oxidation of Metals. Vol. 78 (1-2), p. 83-102
Journal article

The effect of SO2(g) on the initial stages of KCl induced high temperature corrosion of 304L at 600°C

Sofia Karlsson, Torbjörn Jonsson, Josefin Engkvist et al
8th International Symposium on High-Temperature Corrosion and Protection of Materials
Other conference contribution

KCl-Induced High Temperature Corrosion of Austenitic Stainless Steel 304L – The Influence of SO2

Sofia Karlsson, Jesper Pettersson, Jan-Erik Svensson et al
Materials Science Forum. Vol. 696, p. 224-229
Journal article

Reducing High Temperature Corrosion when Burning Waste by Adding Digested Sewage Sludge

Sofia Karlsson, Lars-Erik Åmand, Jesper Pettersson
Swedish - Finnish Flame Days, January 26-27 2011 in Piteå, Sweden, The Swedish and Finnish National Committees of the International Flame Research Foundation (IFRF) and The Scandinavian - Nordic Section of the Combustion Institute (SNCI)
Other conference contribution

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