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Disease-causing point-mutations in metal-binding domains of Wilson disease protein decrease stability and increase structural dynamics.

Ranjeet Kumar, Candan Ariöz, Yaozong Li et al
Biometals. Vol. 30 (1), p. 27-35
Journal article

A stretched conformation of DNA with a biological role?

Niklas Bosaeus, Anna Reymer, Tamas Beke-Somfai et al
Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics. Vol. 50, p. UNSP e11-
Journal article

Extracellular water and blood pressure in adults with growth hormone (GH) deficiency: a genotype-phenotype association study.

Edna J L Barbosa, Camilla A M Glad, Anna G Nilsson et al
PLoS ONE. Vol. 9 (8), p. e105754-
Journal article

Force-induced melting of DNA-evidence for peeling and internal melting from force spectra on short synthetic duplex sequences

Niklas Bosaeus, Afaf El-Sagheer, T. Brown et al
Nucleic Acids Research. Vol. 42 (12), p. 8083-8091
Journal article

Tension Induces a Base-Paired Overstretched DNA Conformation

Niklas Bosaeus, Afaf El-Sagheer, T. Brown et al
Biophysical Journal. Vol. 104 (2), p. 165A-165A
Magazine article

Tension induces a base-paired overstretched DNA conformation

Niklas Bosaeus, Afaf El-Sagheer, T. Brown et al
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Vol. 109 (38), p. 15179-15184
Journal article

Covalent functionalization of carbon nanotube forests grown in situ on a metal-silicon chip

Johan Johansson, Niklas Bosaeus, Nina Kann et al
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering. Vol. 8344
Paper in proceedings

Bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy in growth hormone-deficient adults.

Marja Tengvall, Lars Ellegård, Niklas Bosaeus et al
Physiological measurement. Vol. 31 (1), p. 59-75
Journal article

Body composition in the elderly: Reference values and bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy to predict total body skeletal muscle mass

Marja Tengvall, Lars Ellegård, Vibeke Malmros et al
Clinical Nutrition. Vol. 28 (1), p. 52-58
Journal article

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