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Recovery of phosphorous from industrial waste water by oxidation and precipitation

Rikard E Ylmén, Anna Gustafsson, Caterina Camerani-Pinzani et al
Environmental Technology (United Kingdom). Vol. 39 (15), p. 1886-1897
Journal article

Comparative study of the application of traditional and novel extractants for the separation of metals from MSWI fly ash leachates

Jinfeng Tang, Rikard E Ylmén, Martina Petranikova et al
Journal of Cleaner Production. Vol. 172, p. 143-154
Journal article

Coordination of Trivalent Lanthanides with Bismalonamide Ligands: Implications for Liquid-Liquid Extraction

Mikhail S Tyumentsev, Mark Foreman, A. M. Z. Slawin et al
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (37), p. 4285-4298
Journal article

Crystal structure of radium sulfate: An X-ray powder diffraction and density functional theory study

Artem Matyskin, Rikard Ylmén, Petra Lagerkvist et al
Journal of Solid State Chemistry. Vol. 253, p. 15-20
Journal article

Monitoring Early Hydration of Cement by Ex Situ and In Situ ATR-FTIR – a Comparative Study

Rikard Ylmén, Ulf Jäglid, Itai Panas
Journal of the American Ceramic Society. Vol. 97 (11), p. 3669-3675
Journal article

Carbonation of Portland Cement Studied by Diffuse Reflection Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

Rikard Ylmén, Ulf Jäglid
International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials. Vol. 7 (2), p. 119-125
Journal article

Early Hydration of Portland Cement

Rikard Ylmén
Doctoral thesis

Insights into early hydration of Portland limestone cement from infrared spectroscopy and isothermal calorimetry

Rikard Ylmén, Lars Wadsö, Itai Panas
Cement and Concrete Research. Vol. 40 (10), p. 1541-1546
Journal article

Morphological and chemical characterization of tooth enamel exposed to alkaline agents

Fabian Taube, Rikard Ylmén, A. Shchukarev et al
Journal of Dentistry. Vol. 38 (1), p. 72-81
Journal article

Early hydration and setting of Portland cement monitored by IR, SEM and Vicat techniques

Rikard Ylmén, U. Jaglid, Britt-Marie Steenari et al
Cement and Concrete Research. Vol. 39 (5), p. 433-439
Journal article

DR-FTIR method for the study of early hydration of cement

Rikard E Ylmén, Kristian Larsson, Ulf Jäglid et al
Conference Proceedings for “SCC 2008: Challenges and Barriers to Application
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Återvinning av cement från betong

Rikard Ylmén Environmental Inorganic Chemistry

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