Alexey Khlopotin

Doctoral Student at Material and Computational Mechanics

In solid mechanics, there is considerable interest in achieving “invisibility”. The applications in mechanics include protection of structures and parts of structures from potentially harmful transient waves and steady state vibrations. A suggested large scale application is that protection against seismic waves from earthquakes could be achieved by using cloaking to re-route the waves around sensitive infrastructure. The construction of mechanical cloaks requires fine-tuning of the elastic properties of the cloaking, so-called metamaterials.


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Transformational cloaking from seismic surface waves by micropolar metamaterials with finite couple stiffness

Alexey Khlopotin, Peter Olsson, Fredrik Larsson
Wave Motion. Vol. 58, p. 53-67
Journal article

Elastodynamic cloaking for earthquake protection - The importance of the inner boundary condition

Alexey Khlopotin, Peter Olsson, Fredrik Larsson
21st International Congress on Sound and Vibration 2014, ICSV 2014; Beijing; China; 13 July 2014 through 17 July 2014. Vol. 6, p. 4797-4803
Paper in proceedings

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