Raphaël Van Laer

Assistant Professor at Quantum Technology

Raphaël Van Laer leads an interdisciplinary research team in photonics and quantum technologies at Chalmers University of Technology. He explores the flow of and interactions between light, sound, and microwaves for quantum information processing.

He received a PhD in silicon photonics at Ghent University-imec (Photonics Research Group), making contributions to integrated nonlinear optics and optomechanics. The results were recognized with an IEEE Graduate Student Scholarship and a VOCATIO award. Afterwards he worked mainly on thin-film lithium niobate, heterogeneous photonic integration, and quantum microwave-to-optics conversion as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University (LINQS). His team is supported by the Wallenberg Centre for Quantum Technology, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research with a Future Research Leader Grant, and by the European Research Council with a Starting Grant.

His research revolves around two overarching questions. First, what are the physical limits to information processing in a constrained space? Second, can we realize large-scale coherent communication, sensing, and computation?

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Clamped and sideband-resolved silicon optomechanical crystals

Johan Kolvik, Paul Burger, Joey Frey et al
Optica. Vol. 10 (7), p. 913-916
Journal article

Compact lithium niobate microring resonators in the ultrahigh Q/V regime

Yan Gao, Fuchuan Lei, Marcello Girardi et al
Optics Letters. Vol. 48 (15), p. 3949-3952
Journal article

Optically heralded microwave photon addition

Wentao Jiang, Felix Mayor, Sultan Malik et al
Nature Physics. Vol. 19 (10), p. 1423-1428
Journal article

Longitudinal piezoelectric resonant photoelastic modulator for efficient intensity modulation at megahertz frequencies

Okan Atalar, Raphaël Van Laer, Amir H. Safavi-Naeini et al
Nature Communications. Vol. 13 (1)
Journal article

Low-loss dispersion-engineered silicon nitride waveguides coated with a thin blanket layer

Yi Sun, Zhichao Ye, Raphaël Van Laer et al
Optics InfoBase Conference Papers
Paper in proceeding

The convergence of cavity optomechanics and Brillouin scattering

Mikołaj K. Schmidt, Christopher G. Baker, Raphaël Van Laer
Semiconductors and Semimetals, p. 93-131
Book chapter

III/V-on-lithium niobate amplifiers and lasers

Camiel Op de Beeck, Felix M. Mayor, Stijn Cuyvers et al
Optica. Vol. 8 (10), p. 1288-1289
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Christian Fager Microwave Electronics
Raphaël Van Laer Quantum Technology
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