Lars-Olof Dahlström

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Wave propagation effects from blast induced vibrations

Arian Nasseri, Peter Folkow, Morgan Johansson et al
Conference contribution

Frost shattering and ice problems in rock tunnels from a maintenance perspective

A. Andrén, Lars-Olof Dahlström
ISRM International Symposium - EUROCK 2012
Paper in proceedings

Aggressive groundwater chemistry caused by underground constructions

Fredrik Mossmark, Lars O Ericsson, Lars-Olof Dahlström et al
Proceedings of the 33rd International Geological Congress, Oslo, Norway, August 2008
Paper in proceedings

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Vibrational damages in buildings from blasting effects

Peter Folkow Dynamics
Lars-Olof Dahlström GeoEngineering
Joosef Leppänen Structural Engineering
Morgan Johansson Structural Engineering
Swedish Transport Administration


Development of standards for functional requirements at underground facilities with respect to the chemical environment

Lars O Ericsson GeoEngineering
Lars-Olof Dahlström GeoEngineering

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