Menaka Lashitha Bandara

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Essential self-adjointness of powers of first-order differential operators on non-compact manifolds with low-regularity metrics

Menaka Lashitha Bandara, H. Saratchandran
Journal of Functional Analysis. Vol. 273 (12), p. 3719-3758
Journal article

Continuity of solutions to space-varying pointwise linear elliptic equations

Menaka Lashitha Bandara
Publicacions Matematiques. Vol. 61 (1), p. 239-258
Journal article

Geometric singularities and a flow tangent to the Ricci flow

Menaka Lashitha Bandara, Sajjad Lakzian, Michael Munn
Annali della Scuola normale superiore di Pisa - Classe di scienze. Vol. 17 (2), p. 763-804
Journal article

Rough metrics on manifolds and quadratic estimates

Menaka Lashitha Bandara
Mathematische Zeitschrift. Vol. 283 (3), p. 1245-1281
Journal article

Self-adjointness of the Gaffney Laplacian on Vector Bundles

Menaka Lashitha Bandara, O. Milatovic
Mathematical Physics Analysis and Geometry. Vol. 18 (1), p. artikel nr 17-
Journal article

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