Christopher Lawson

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Synthesis, oligonucleotide incorporation and fluorescence properties in DNA of a bicyclic thymine analogue

Christopher Lawson, Anders Foller Füchtbauer, Moa Sandberg Wranne et al
Scientific Reports. Vol. 8 (1)
Journal article

Development of bright fluorescent quadracyclic adenine analogues: TDDFT-calculation supported rational design

Anders Foller Füchtbauer, Blaise Dumat, Moa Sandberg Wranne et al
Scientific Reports. Vol. 5, p. art. no. 12653-
Journal article

Synthesis and photophysical characterisation of new fluorescent triazole adenine analogues

Christopher Lawson, Anke Dierckx, Francois-Alexandre Miannay et al
Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry. Vol. 12 (28), p. 5158-5167
Journal article

Synthesis and photophysical characterization of 1-and 4-(purinyl) triazoles

Itedale Namro Redwan, David Bliman, Munefumi Tokugawa et al
Tetrahedron. Vol. 69 (42), p. 8857-8864
Journal article

Solid-Phase Synthesis of 5 '-O- N-(Acyl)sulfamoyl adenosine Derivatives

Itedale Namro Redwan, Hanna Jacobson Ingemyr, Thomas Ljungdahl et al
European Journal of Organic Chemistry. Vol. 2012 (19), p. 3665-3669
Journal article

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