Rickard Lindstrand Levin

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Verification and Validation of CFD computations on an oscillating, surface piercing rudder from the Finn Olympic dinghy

Adam Persson, Rickard Lindstrand Levin, Christian Finnsgård
Marine 2017, The seventh Conference on Computational Methods in Marine Engineering, Nantes, France, 15-17 May, 2017
Paper in proceedings

Sailing yacht performance prediction based on coupled CFD and rigid body dynamics in 6 degrees of freedom

Rickard Lindstrand Levin, Lars Larsson
Ocean Engineering. Vol. 144, p. 362-373
Journal article

Strongly Coupled Performance Prediction for Sailing Yachts based on CFD

Rickard Lindstrand Levin
Licentiate thesis

Numerical prediction of the best heel and trim of a Laser dinghy

Mikka Pennanen, Rickard Lindstrand Levin, Lars Larsson et al
Procedia Engineering. Vol. 147, p. 336-341
Paper in proceedings

Hydrodynamic Resistance Prediction of an Olympic Class Sailing Dinghy Using CFD and Towing Tank Testing

Rickard Lindstrand Levin, Christian Finnsgård, Jeremy Peter
Communications in Computer and Information Science. Vol. 556 (1), p. 85-106
Paper in proceedings

CFD prediction of the effect of appendages and leeway on the force trend of an Olympic class Laser dinghy hull

Rickard Lindstrand Levin, Jeremy Peter, Christian Finnsgård
2nd Interational Congress on Sport Sciences Research and Technology Support, icSports 2014, Rome, Italy 24-26 October, editedt by Cabri, J., Correia, P., P., Barreiros, J.. Vol. 2014, p. 190-202
Paper in proceedings

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