Liming Huang

Postdoc at Building Technology

Liming mainly focuses on the moisture change in green cementitious materials inducing by the large repalcement of SCMs. He works on characterizing the chemical and pore structure of hydration products in green cement pastes. The other interest of his research is the hydration mechanism of Portland cement in the presence of chemicals. The purpose is to connect the hydration process with structure development of cementitous material and to unveil the water dynamics in the porous materials by both experiments and simulation methods.

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Activation of locally excavated spoil for utilization in limestone calcined clay cement (LC3)

Yongqiang Li, Peng Yi, Hangyu Du et al
Construction and Building Materials. Vol. 420
Journal article

RILEM recommendation from TC 289-DCM: guideline for designing and operating long-term marine exposure sites

Kefei Li, Junjie Zeng, Luping Tang et al
Materials and Structures/Materiaux et Constructions. Vol. 57 (3)
Journal article

Long-term performance of reinforced concrete under a de-icing road environment

Luping Tang, Dimitrios Boubitsas, Liming Huang
Cement and Concrete Research. Vol. 164
Journal article

Using water vapour and N2 isotherms to unveil effects of SCMs on nanopores and evaluate hydration degree

Liming Huang, Luping Tang, Lars Wadsö et al
Cement and Concrete Research. Vol. 164 (February 2023)
Journal article

Distribution and dynamics of water in the blended pastes unraveled by thermoporometry and dielectric properties

Liming Huang, Helen Jansson, Jan Swenson et al
Cement and Concrete Research. Vol. 174
Journal article

Non-destructive test system to monitor hydration and strength development of low CO2 concrete

Liming Huang, Luping Tang, Ingemar Löfgren et al
Construction and Building Materials. Vol. 408
Journal article

Improving the performance of alkali-activated slag mortar with electro/chemically treated carbon fiber textile

Liming Huang, Luping Tang, A. Bachinger et al
Journal of Cleaner Production. Vol. 418
Journal article

Real-time monitoring the electrical properties of pastes to map the hydration induced microstructure change in cement-based materials

Liming Huang, Luping Tang, Ingemar Löfgren et al
Cement and Concrete Composites. Vol. 132
Journal article

New insights into the reaction of tricalcium silicate (C3S) with solutions to the end of the induction period

Liming Huang, Luping Tang, Haitao Gu et al
Cement and Concrete Research. Vol. 152
Journal article

Moisture and ion transport properties in blended pastes and their relation to the refined pore structure

Liming Huang, Luping Tang, Ingemar Löfgren et al
Cement and Concrete Research. Vol. 161 (106949)
Journal article

Using alumina-rich sludge and phosphogypsum manufactures low-CO2 cement

Zhen Li, Liming Huang, Shunfeng Wang et al
Construction and Building Materials. Vol. 288
Journal article

Recycling of the end-of-life lightweight aggregate concrete (LWAC) with a novel approach

Liming Huang, Zhenghong Yang, Zhen Li et al
Journal of Cleaner Production. Vol. 275
Journal article

Influence of calcination temperature on the structure and hydration of MgO

Liming Huang, Zhenghong Yang, Shunfeng Wang
Construction and Building Materials. Vol. 262
Journal article

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Post Norm Supersulfated Cement

Arezou Baba Ahmadi Building Technology
Liming Huang Building Technology
European Commission (EC)


Water in "Green" Cementitious Materials

Luping Tang Building Technology
Jan Swenson Nano and Biophysics
Ingemar Löfgren Structural Engineering
Ingemar Segerholm Building Technology
Itai Panas Environmental Inorganic Chemistry 2
Liming Huang Building Technology
Development Fund of the Swedish Construction Industry (SBUF)
Thomas Concrete Group

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