Alexey Lindo

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Nonparametric estimation for compound Poisson process via variational analysis on measures

Alexey Lindo, Sergei Zuyev, Serik Sagitov
Statistics and Computing. Vol. 28 (3), p. 563-577
Journal article

Some computational aspects of Markov processes

Alexey Lindo
Doctoral thesis

A special family of Galton-Watson processes with explosions

Serik Sagitov, Alexey Lindo
Lecture Notes in Statistics, Workshop on Branching Processes and their Applications, WBPA 2015, Badajoz, Spain, 7-10 April 2015. Vol. 219, p. 237-254
Paper in proceedings

General linear-fractional branching processes with discrete time.

Alexey Lindo, Serik Sagitov
Stochastics. Vol. 90 (3), p. 364-378
Journal article

Asymptotic results for the number of Wagner's solutions to a generalised birthday problem

Alexey Lindo, Serik Sagitov
Statistics and Probability Letters. Vol. 107, p. 356-361
Journal article

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New results for classical stochastic population models

Serik Sagitov Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Alexey Lindo Mathematical Statistics
Mathematical Sciences

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