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Exploring the competition between variable renewable electricity and a carbon-neutral baseload technology

Emma Jonson, Christian Azar, Kristian Lindgren et al
Energy Systems. Vol. 11 (1), p. 21-44
Journal article

Auctions for all? Reviewing the German wind power auctions in 2017

Liv Lundberg
Energy Policy. Vol. 128, p. 449-458
Journal article

Context Matters: Exploring the Cost-effectiveness of Fixed Payments and Procurement Auctions for PES

Liv Lundberg, Martin Persson, Francisco Alpizar et al
Ecological Economics. Vol. 146, p. 347-358
Journal article

Impacts on Stability of Interdependencies Between Markets in a Cobweb Model

Emma Jonson, Liv Lundberg, Kristian Lindgren
Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems. Vol. 676, p. 195-205
Paper in proceeding

A cobweb model of land-use competition between food and bioenergy crops

Liv Lundberg, Emma Jonson, Kristian Lindgren et al
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. Vol. 53, p. 1-14
Journal article

Projection of a Heterogenous Agent-Based Production Economy Model to a Closed Dynamics of Aggregate Variables

Kristian Lindgren, Emma Jonson, Liv Lundberg
Advances in Complex Systems. Vol. 18 (5-6), p. 1550012-
Journal article

Intermittent renewables, thermal power and hydropower - complements or competitors?

Lisa Göransson, Liv Lundberg
Systems Perspectives on Renewable Power 2014, p. 119-127
Book chapter

Samspelet mellan termisk produktion och intermittent produktion

Lisa Göransson, Liv Lundberg
Perspektiv på förnybar el 2014, p. 24-25
Book chapter

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