Lina Lundgren

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Implementation of usability analysis to detect problems in the management of kitesurfing equipment

Lina Lundgren, Lars-Ola Bligård, Sofia Brorsson et al
Procedia Engineering, APCST: 5th Asia Pacific Conference on Sports Technology Melbourne, VIC; 28 August 2011 through 31 August 2011. Vol. 13, p. 525-530
Paper in proceedings

Injuries related to injuries

Lina Lundgren, Sofia Brorsson, Anna-Lisa Osvalder
ICSMSS: VII. International Conference on Sport Medicine and Sport Science
Paper in proceedings

Sport performance and perceived musculoskeletal stress, pain and discomfort in kitesurfing

Lina Lundgren, Sofia Brorsson, Marita Hilliges et al
International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport. Vol. 11, p. 142-158
Journal article

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