Luis Guillermo Gonzalez Fonseca

Doctoral Student at Energy and Material

After the Fukushima accident, the nuclear industry focused its effort on the development of safer nuclear energy.
In my PhD studies I will be part of a collaboration group between universities and industry in Sweden with the goal of study accident tolerant fuels. My work is to prepare an enhanced accident tolerant fuel, e.g. Coated Uranium Nitride, and study its chemical behavior when it is in contact with water and steam. The fuel will be introduced in an autoclave which varies the temperature and pressure of the coolant to simulate the reactor parameters under normal or accident conditions. I will also study the influence of free radicals, formed by irradiation of the water, on the cladding material and fuel.

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Advances in Accident Tolerant Fuel Research by Doping of Uranium Nitride

Luis Guillermo Gonzalez Fonseca
Licentiate thesis

Application of SPS in the fabrication of UN and (U,Th)N pellets from microspheres

Luis Guillermo Gonzalez Fonseca, Marcus Hedberg, L. Huan et al
Journal of Nuclear Materials. Vol. 536
Journal article

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