Georgia Manika

Post doc at Engineering Materials

Georgia is a post-doctoral researcher in the Rheology and Processing Soft Matter research group in the division of Engineering Materials. Her main research activities focus on multifunctional materials exhibiting enhanced properties. Georgia’s main scientific background consists of the study of dielectric/electric response in composite materials. Currently Georgia works on the project “High performance and scalable tailored graphene-polyolefin nanocomposites.”

The main goal of this project is to introduce a new class of novel and multifunctional graphene-polyolefin composites. For this purpose, special designed graphene is employed for the preparation of the nanocomposites’ system, aiming to achieve enhanced electrical mechanical and thermal properties. In this project industrially scalable techniques are used to develop high performance special designed graphene-polymer nanocomposites, targeting to develop a new class of materials in a wide range of applications.

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On the Ferroelectric to Paraelectric Structural Transition of BaTiO3 Micro-/Nanoparticles and Their Epoxy Nanocomposites

Georgia Manika, Konstantinos S. Andrikopoulos, Georgios C. Psarras
Molecules. Vol. 25 (11)
Journal article

Mechanical Behavior of Melt‐Mixed 3D Hierarchical Graphene/Polypropylene Nanocomposites

Karolina Gaska, Georgia Manika, Thomas Gkourmpis et al
Polymers. Vol. 12
Journal article

SrTiO3/Epoxy Nanodielectrics as Bulk Energy Storage and Harvesting Systems: The Role of Conductivity

Georgia Manika, Georgios C. Psarras
ACS Applied Energy Materials. Vol. 3 (1), p. 831-842
Journal article

Development, dielectric response and functionality of SrTiO3/epoxy nanocomposites

Georgia Manika, Georgios C. Psarras
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics. Vol. 30, p. 13740-13748
Journal article

Barium titanate/epoxy resin composite nanodielectrics as compact capacitive energy storing systems

Georgia Manika, Georgios C. Psarras
Express Polymer Letters. Vol. 13, p. 749-758
Journal article

Probing the multifunctional behaviour of barium zirconate/barium titanate/epoxy resin hybrid nanodielectrics

Z. M. Tsikriteas, Georgia Manika, A. C. Patsidis et al
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. Vol. 142 (1), p. 231-243
Journal article

Energy storage and harvesting in BaTiO3/epoxy nanodielectrics

Georgia Manika, Georgios C. Psarras
IET High Voltage . Vol. 1 (4), p. 151-157
Journal article

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High performance and scalable tailored graphene - polyolefin nanocomposites

Roland Kádár Engineering Materials
Christian Müller Christian Müller Group
Georgia Manika Engineering Materials

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