Matias Nordin

Senior forskare at Chalmers, Architecture and Civil Engineering, GeoEngineering

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From static micrographs to particle aggregation dynamics in three dimensions

Henrike Häbel, Aila Särkkä, Mats Rudemo et al
Journal of Microscopy. Vol. 262 (1), p. 102-111
Journal article

Magnetic orientation of nontronite clay in aqueous dispersions and its effect on water diffusion

Christoffer Abrahamsson, Lars Nordstierna, Matias Nordin et al
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. Vol. 437, p. 205-210
Journal article

Estimation of mass thickness response of embedded aggregated silica nanospheres from high angle annular dark-field scanning transmission electron micrographs

Matias Nordin, Christoffer Abrahamsson, Charlotte Hamngren Blomqvist et al
Journal of Microscopy. Vol. 253 (2), p. 166-170
Journal article

An efficient eigenfunction approach to calculate spin-echo signals in heterogeneous porous media

Matias Nordin, D. Grebenkov, Martin Nilsson Jacobi et al
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials. Vol. 178, p. 7-10
Journal article

Encapsulation of actives for sustained release

Markus Andersson Trojer, Lars Nordstierna, Matias Nordin et al
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Vol. 15 (41), p. 17727-17741
Journal article

A mixed basis approach in the SGP-limit

Matias Nordin, Martin Nilsson Jacobi, Magnus Nydén
Journal of Magnetic Resonance. Vol. 212 (2), p. 274-279
Journal article

Comparison of release behaviour from microcapsules and microspheres

Lars Nordstierna, Attaalla A M Abdalla, Matias Nordin et al
Progress in Organic Coatings. Vol. 69 (1), p. 49-51
Journal article

Deriving time-dependent diffusion and relaxation rate in porous systems using eigenfunctions of the Laplace operator

Matias Nordin, Martin Nilsson Jacobi, Magnus Nydén
Journal of Magnetic Resonance. Vol. 201 (2), p. 205-211
Journal article

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The Development of a Multiscale Modeling Framework for Investigating Marine Soft Clays (DOMINO)

Matias Nordin GeoEngineering
European Commission (Horizon 2020)


Effects of climate change on slope stability in sensitive clays

Minna Karstunen GeoEngineering
Jelke Dijkstra GeoEngineering
Mats Karlsson GeoEngineering
Matias Nordin GeoEngineering

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