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10 years of 12.2 GHz methanol maser VLBI observations towards NGC 7538 IRS1 N: proper motions and maser saturation

Michele Pestalozzi, A. Jerkstrand, John Conway
Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union. Vol. 8 (S287), p. 186 - 187
Conference contribution

A general catalogue of 6.7 GHz methanol masers. II. statistical analysis

Michele Pestalozzi, A Chrysostomou, J Collett et al
Astronomy and Astrophysics. Vol. 463, p. 1009-
Journal article

NGC7538 Irs1N: Modelling a Circumstellar Maser Disc

Michele Pestalozzi, M. Elitzur, John Conway et al
Astrophysics and Space Science. Vol. 295 (1-2), p. 295-331
Journal article

Star-forming Protoclusters Associated with Methanol Masers

V. Minier, T. Hill, M. Burton et al
Astronomy & Astrophysics. Vol. 429, p. 945-960
Journal article

Erratum: "A Circumstellar Disk in a High-Mass Star-forming Region" (ApJ, 603, L113)

Michele Pestalozzi, Moshe Elitzur, John Conway et al
The Astrophysical Journal. Vol. 606 (2), p. L173-
Journal article

A circumstellar disk in a high-mass star-forming region

Michele Pestalozzi, Moshe Elitzur, John Conway et al
Astrophysical Journal. Vol. 603 (2), p. L113-L116
Journal article

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