Mikaela Börjesson

Visiting Researcher at Chalmers, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry

Mikaela Börjesson is a post-doc working with Anna Ström at the division of Applied Polymer Technology. Mikaela received her PhD in Organic Chemistry 2016 within the topic of chemical modification of polysaccharides, after which her post-doctoral work has been focused on the physico-chemical properties of modified hemicelluloses with applications in food and packaging. In 2018, Mikaela received a research grant from Nordforsk which gave her the opportunity to go to France for 12 month. She is currently sharing her time between Chalmers and LLB (France) where she works with small angle scattering techniques of neutrons and X-ray on biopolymer samples.

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Thermoplastic and flexible films from arabinoxylan

Mikaela Börjesson, Gunnar Westman, Anette Larsson et al
ACS Applied Polymer Materials. Vol. 1 (6), p. 1443-1450
Journal article

Arabinoxylan and Nanocellulose from a Kilogram-scale Extraction of Barley Husk

Mikaela Börjesson, Linda Härdelin, Filip Nylander et al
BioResources. Vol. 13 (3), p. 6201-6220
Journal article

Increased thermal stability of nanocellulose composites by functionalization of the sulfate groups on cellulose nanocrystals with azetidinium ions

Mikaela Börjesson, Karin Sahlin, Diana Bernin et al
Journal of Applied Polymer Science. Vol. 135 (10), p. Art no: 45963-
Journal article

Periodate oxidation of xylan-based hemicelluloses and its effect on their thermal properties

Mikaela Börjesson, Anette Larsson, Gunnar Westman et al
Carbohydrate Polymers. Vol. 202, p. 280-287
Journal article

Branching of hemicelluloses through an azetidinium salt ring-opening reaction

Mikaela Börjesson, Gunnar Westman
Carbohydrate Research. Vol. 428, p. 23-30
Journal article

Nanocellulose in biocomposites

Karin Sahlin, Tobias Moberg, Lilian Forsgren et al
Proc Materials for Tomorrow 2016, p. Nr 41-
Conference poster

UV radiation of cellulose fibers and acrylic acid modified cellulose fibers for improved stiffness in paper

Mikaela Börjesson, Gisela Richardson, Gunnar Westman
BioResources. Vol. 10 (2), p. 3056-3069
Journal article

Crystalline Nanocellulose — Preparation, Modification, and Properties

Mikaela Börjesson, Gunnar Westman
Cellulose - Fundamental Aspects and Current Trends, p. 159-191
Book chapter

Hemicellulose foam

Linda Härdelin, Mikaela Börjesson, Filip Nylander et al
Proc Materials for Tomorrow, p. Nr 24-
Conference poster

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Structure and dynamics of biopolymer-based systems investigated by neutron scattering

Mikaela Börjesson Applied Chemistry

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