Mingfei Mu

Stipendiat at Combustion and Propulsion Systems

Mingfei is a guest PhD student at the division of Combustion and Propulsion Systems from September 2017. His research is about the design and analysis of diesel/gasoline particulate filter (DPF/GPF) by experiment and CFD, especially on the flow uniformity, particle distribution and deposition. With optimizing the geometry structure, the goal is to reduce the pressure drop and improve the regeneration thermal management.

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Experimental study on the flow field of particles deposited on a gasoline particulate filter

Mingfei Mu, Jonas Sjöblom, Nikhil Sharma et al
Energies. Vol. 12 (14)
Journal article

Analysis of the flow field from connection cones to monolith reactors

Mingfei Mu, Jonas Sjöblom, Henrik Ström et al
Energies. Vol. 12 (3)
Journal article

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Particle flows in Exhaust gas aftertreatment systems

Jonas Sjöblom Combustion and Propulsion Systems
Mingfei Mu Combustion and Propulsion Systems
Mechanics and Maritime Sciences

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