Minttu Maria Kauppinen

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The role of polaronic states in the enhancement of CO oxidation by single-atom Pt/CeO2

Minttu Maria Kauppinen, Nathan Daelman, Núria López et al
Journal of Catalysis. Vol. 423, p. 26-33
Journal article

Hydrogen Adsorption on Pd–In Intermetallic Surfaces

Minttu Maria Kauppinen, Henrik Grönbeck
Topics in Catalysis. Vol. 66 (17-18), p. 1457-1464
Journal article

Multiscale modeling reveals aluminum nitride as an efficient propane dehydrogenation catalyst

Mona Abdelgaid, Evan V. Miu, Hyunguk Kwon et al
Catalysis Science and Technology. Vol. 13 (12), p. 3527-3536
Journal article

First-principles microkinetic modeling of partial methane oxidation over graphene-stabilized single-atom Fe-catalysts

Sungil Hong, Minttu Maria Kauppinen, Evan V. Miu et al
Catalysis Science and Technology. Vol. 13 (24), p. 6999-7010
Journal article

Effect of Different In2O3(111) Surface Terminations on CO2 Adsorption

Sabrina M. Gericke, Minttu Maria Kauppinen, Margareta Wagner et al
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Vol. 15 (38), p. 45367-45377
Journal article

Tunable Ti3+-Mediated Charge Carrier Dynamics of Atomic Layer Deposition-Grown Amorphous TiO2

Jesse Saari, Harri Ali-Löytty, Minttu Maria Kauppinen et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Vol. 126 (9), p. 4542-4554
Journal article

Methanol Synthesis Over PdIn, In2O3, and CuZn From First-Principles Microkinetics: Similarities and Differences

Minttu Maria Kauppinen, Alvaro Posada Borbon, Henrik Grönbeck
Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Vol. 126 (36), p. 15235-15246
Journal article

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