Matteo Molteni



Numerical solution of parabolic problems based on a weak space-time formulation

Stig Larsson, Matteo Molteni
Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics. Vol. e-pub ahead of print (1), p. 65-84
Journal article

Discrete Variational Derivative Methods for the EPDiff Equation

Stig Larsson, Takayasu Matsuo, Klas Modin et al

A weak space-time formulation for the linear stochastic heat equation

Stig Larsson, Matteo Molteni
International Journal of Applied and Computational Mathematics. Vol. Epub ahead of print
Journal article

Multigrid methods for cubic spline solution of two point (and 2D) boundary value problems

M. Donatelli, Matteo Molteni, V. Pennati et al
Applied Numerical Mathematics. Vol. 104, p. 15-29
Journal article

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Numerical methods for computational anatomy

Klas Modin Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Anders Logg Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Stig Larsson Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Matteo Molteni Mathematics
Geir Bogfjellmo Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Milo Viviani Applied Mathematics and Statistics
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