Muhammad Abdelhamid

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A free-standing reduced graphene oxide aerogel as supporting electrode in a fluorine-free Li2S8 catholyte Li-S battery

Carmen Cavallo, Marco Agostini, James P. Genders et al
Journal of Power Sources. Vol. 416, p. 111-117
Journal article

Solvent-free lithium and sodium containing electrolytes based on pseudo-delocalized anions

Juan Forero Saboya, Elham Hosseini Bab Anari, Muhammad Abdelhamid et al
Chemical Communications
Journal article

Electropolymerisation of N-Ethylanilinium Trifluoroacetate Ionic Liquid into Poly(N-Ethylaniline) and Control of its Morphology

Muhammad Abdelhamid, G. A. Snook, T. L. Greaves et al
Australian Journal of Chemistry. Vol. 70 (9), p. 985-989
Journal article

On the Feasibility of Sodium Metal as Pseudo-Reference Electrode in Solid State Electrochemical Cells

Andrea Boschin, Muhammad Abdelhamid, Patrik Johansson
ChemElectroChem. Vol. 4 (10), p. 2717-2721
Journal article

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