Magnus Willander

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Features of transport phenomenas in magnetic semiconductors with laser-induced periodic nanostructures

O. Y. Semchuk, L. G. Grechko, R. V. Bila et al
Materials Science and Engineering C. Vol. 27 (5/8), p. 1360-1363
Journal article

High-Temperature Electronic Materials: Silicon Carbide and Diamond

Magnus Willander, Milan Friesel, Q.-U. Wahab et al
Springer Handbooks, p. 537-563
Book chapter

Vortex rings in pure water under static external electric field

Zackary Chiragwandi, Omer Nur, Magnus Willander et al
Applied Physics Letters. Vol. 87(15) (15), p. 1-3
Journal article

Conductive adhesives

Ying Fu, Johan Liu, Magnus Willander
Lead free electronics, p. pp 285-351
Book chapter

Silicon germanium strained layers and heterostructures

Magnus Willander, Omer Nur, Sachin Jain
Physica Scripta. Vol. T114, p. 22-30
Journal article

Leakage current and capacitance characteristics of Si/SiO2/Si single-barrier varactor

Mamor Mamor, Ying Fu, Omer Nur et al
Applied Physics A-Materials Science & Processing. Vol. 72 (5), p. 633-637
Journal article

n-Si/SiO2/Si heterostructure barrier varactor diode design

Ying Fu, Mamor Mamor, Magnus Willander et al
Applied Physics Letters. Vol. 77 (1), p. 103-105
Journal article

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