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The trade-off between distance margin and steering intrusiveness in obstacle avoidance manoeuvres with oncoming traffic

Adithya Arikere, Mathias R Lidberg, Gunnar Olsson
24th Symposium of the International Association for Vehicle System Dynamics, IAVSD 2015; Graz; Austria; 17 August 2015 through 21 August 2015, p. 243-252
Paper in proceedings

The Potential Safety Benefit of Propulsion in Obstacle Avoidance Manoeuvres with Oncoming Traffic

Adithya Arikere, Matthijs Klomp, Mathias R Lidberg et al
12th International Symposium on Advanced Vehicle Control (AVEC '14), Tokyo Japan, p. 126-131
Paper in proceedings

Performance of an Automotive Under-Body Diffuser Applied to a Sedan and a Wagon Vehicle

Ture Jesper Marklund, Lennart Löfdahl, Håkan Danielsson et al
SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars - Mechanical Systems. Vol. 6 (1), p. 293-307
Journal article

Evaluation of Tire to Road Friction Estimators, Test Methods and Metrics

Fredrik Bruzelius, Jacob Svendenius, Simon Yngve et al
International Journal of Vehicle Systems Modelling and Testing. Vol. 5 (2/3), p. 213-236
Journal article

Safety Margins and Feedback Strategies for AWD Vehicles

Matthijs Klomp, Gunnar Olsson

Road Friction Estimation

Mats Andersson, Fredrik Bruzelius, Johan Casselgren et al

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