Safety Margins and Feedback Strategies for AWD Vehicles
Report, 2010

The vehicle industry today faces the two-fold challenge of reducing the environmental impact as well as increasing vehicle safety. Electrification of vehicles enables both of these challenges to be addressed by means of improved overall efficiency as well as providing increased possibilities to control the longitudinal forces of each wheel individually.
The objectives of this study are to increase the fundamental understanding of the influence of longitudinal forces on vehicle handling and stability. Furthermore, the study shall support the industrial development of electrical driveline systems in particular.
The results obtained in this work can be applied for analysis of the performance of current and upcoming driveline and brake systems and as components in the associated active control for these systems. Overall, the present work has expanded the fundamental framework of vehicle modeling, optimization formulations and graphical representations for analysis and optimization of a wide range of driveline system properties and vehicle level characteristics.

Vehicle Safety

AWD Vehicles


Matthijs Klomp

Chalmers, Applied Mechanics, Vehicle Engineering and Autonomous Systems

Gunnar Olsson


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Vehicle Engineering

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