Ksenia Onufrey

Senior Lecturer at Innovation and R&D Management

Ksenia is senior lecturer at the Division of Innovation and R&D Management at the Department of Technology Management and Economics.

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If electric trucks are the solution, what are the problems? A study of agenda-setting in demonstration projects

Viktor Werner, Ksenia Onufrey
Energy Research and Social Science. Vol. 91
Journal article

Transformation in a mature industry: The role of business and innovation strategies

Ksenia Onufrey, Anna Bergek
Technovation. Vol. 105 (July 2021)
Journal article

Interaktioner mellan affärs-, energi- och innovationsstrategier i massa- och pappersindustrin - slutrapport

Maria Johansson, Anna Bergek, Sarah Broberg et al
Report - The Swedish Energy Agency

Transformation in a mature industry: the role of business and innovation strategies

Ksenia Onufrey, Anna Bergek
Other conference contribution

Self-reinforcing Mechanisms in a Multi-technology Industry: Understanding Sustained Technological Variety in a Context of Path Dependency

Ksenia Onufrey, Anna Bergek
Industry and Innovation. Vol. 22 (6), p. 523-551
Journal article

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