Peter Nilsson

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Fatigue-strength assessment of laser welds in corrugated core steel sandwich panels

Peter Nilsson, Mohammad al-Emrani, Rasoul Atashipour
Journal of Constructional Steel Research. Vol. 164
Journal article

The impact of production-dependent geometric properties on fatigue-relevant stresses in laser-welded corrugated core steel sandwich panels

Peter Nilsson, Joakim Hedegård, Mohammad al-Emrani et al
Welding in the World, Le Soudage Dans Le Monde. Vol. 63 (6), p. 1801-1818
Journal article

A numerical approach to the rotational stiffness of stake welds

Peter Nilsson, Mohammad Al-Emrani, Rasoul Atashipour
Proceedings of Eurosteel 2017. Vol. 1 (2-3), p. 489-498
Paper in proceedings

Transverse shear stiffness of corrugated core steel sandwich panels with dual weld lines

Peter Nilsson, Mohammad Al-Emrani, Rasoul Atashipour
Thin-Walled Structures. Vol. 117, p. 98-112
Journal article

Industrialized light-weight steel bridge concept using corrugated core steel sandwich plates

Peter Nilsson, Mohammad Al-Emrani
19th IABSE Congress Stockholm 2016: Challenges in Design and Construction of an Innovative and Sustainable Built Environment, Stockholm, Sweden, 21-23 September 2016, p. 564-572
Paper in proceedings

Steel-Sandwich Elements in Bridge Applications

Peter Nilsson, Mohammad Al-Emrani, Farshid Zamiri Akhlaghi

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Saving Weight by Using Steel Sandwich Bridge Decks

Mohammad Al-Emrani Structural Engineering
Peter Nilsson Civil and Environmental Engineering
Rasoul Atashipour Structural Engineering
Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA)
Swedish Transport Administration

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