Peter Berntsen

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The serial millisecond crystallography instrument at the Australian Synchrotron incorporating the "lipidico" injector

Peter Berntsen, M. Hadian Jazi, M. Kusel et al
Review of Scientific Instruments. Vol. 90 (8)
Journal article

Lipidic cubic phase injector is a viable crystal delivery system for time-resolved serial crystallography

P. Nogly, V. Panneels, G. Nelson et al
Nature Communications. Vol. 7
Journal article

Lipidic cubic phase serial millisecond crystallography using synchrotron radiation

P. Nogly, D. James, D. J. Wang et al
IUCrJ. Vol. 2, p. 168-176 Part: 2
Journal article

Visualizing a protein quake with time-resolved X-ray scattering at a free-electron laser

David Arnlund, Linda C Johansson, Cecilia Wickstrand et al
Nature Methods. Vol. 11 (9), p. 923-926
Journal article

Interplay between Hydration Water and Headgroup Dynamics in Lipid Bilayers

Peter Berntsen, Christer Svanberg, Jan Swenson
Journal of Physical Chemistry B. Vol. 115 (8), p. 1825-1832
Journal article

Biomechanical effects of environmental and engineered particles on human airway smooth muscle cells

Peter Berntsen, C. Y. Park, B. Rothen-Rutishauser et al
Journal of the Royal Society Interface. Vol. 7 (Suppl 3), p. S331-S340
Journal article

Structural relaxations of phospholipids and water in planar membranes

Christer Svanberg, Peter Berntsen, Andreas Johansson et al
Journal of Chemical Physics. Vol. 130 (3), p. 035101-
Journal article

Dynamics of biological membranes and associated water.

Peter Berntsen
Licentiate thesis

Solvent and lipid dynamics of hydrated lipid-bilayers by quasielastic neutron scattering

Jan Swenson, Florian Kargl, Peter Berntsen et al
Journal of Chemical Physics. Vol. 129 (4), p. 045101-
Journal article

New class of dynamics in concentrated polymer gels

Christer Svanberg, Takashi Uematsu, Peter Berntsen et al
Journal of Chemical Physics. Vol. 126 (5), p. Art. No. 051103-
Journal article

Dielectric and calorimetric studies of hydrated purple membrane

Peter Berntsen, Rikard Bergman, Helen Jansson et al
Biophysical Journal. Vol. 89 (5), p. 3111-3128
Journal article

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