Peter Forkman

Head of Department at Space, Earth and Environment

Peter Forkman is Head of Department at the Department of Space, Earth and Environment. His research activities are focused towards ground-based microwave remote sensing of trace gases in the middle and upper atmosphere. His research interest includes, designing of radiometer systems including optimal observation and calibration methods.

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Water vapour radiometry in geodetic very long baseline interferometry telescopes: assessed through simulations

Peter Forkman, Jonas Flygare, Gunnar Elgered
Journal of Geodesy. Vol. 95 (11)
Journal article

Recovery and validation of Odin/SMR long-term measurements of mesospheric carbon monoxide

Francesco Grieco, Kristell Perot, Donal Murtagh et al
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. Vol. 13 (9), p. 5013-5031
Journal article

Onsala Space Observatory – IVS Network Station Activities during 2017—2018

Rüdiger Haas, Thomas Hobiger, Gunnar Elgered et al
Report - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Comparison of Atmospheric Gradients Estimated From Ground-Based GNSS Observations and Microwave Radiometry

Gunnar Elgered, Peter Forkman, Tong Ning
The proceedings to the 7th Galileo Science Colloquium
Paper in proceeding

On the information content in linear horizontal delay gradients estimated from space geodesy observations

Gunnar Elgered, Tong Ning, Peter Forkman et al
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. Vol. 12 (7), p. 3805-3823
Journal article

Ultra-wideband feed systems for the EVN and SKA - evaluated for VGOS

Jonas Flygare, Miroslav Pantaleev, John Conway et al
Other conference contribution

The SPARC water vapor assessment II: intercomparison of satellite and ground-based microwave measurements

G.E. Nedoluha, M. Kiefer, Stefan Lossow et al
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. Vol. 17 (23), p. 14543-14558
Journal article

Microwave Radiometer for Spectral Observations of Mesospheric Carbon Monoxide at 115 GHz Over Kharkiv, Ukraine

V. I. Piddyachiy, Valery Shulga, V. V. Myshenko et al
Journal of Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves. Vol. 38 (3), p. 292-302
Journal article

Accuracy assessment of the two WVRs, Astrid and Konrad, at the Onsala Space Observatory

Peter Forkman, Gunnar Elgered, Tong Ning
Other conference contribution

A compact receiver system for simultaneous measurements of mesospheric CO and O3

Peter Forkman, Ole Martin Christensen, Patrick Eriksson et al
Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems. Vol. 2016 (5), p. 27-44
Journal article

Observations of middle atmospheric H2O and O-3 during the 2010 major sudden stratospheric warming by a network of microwave radiometers

D. Scheiben, C. Straub, K. Hocke et al
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. Vol. 12 (16), p. 7753-7765
Journal article

Six years of mesospheric CO estimated from ground-based frequency-switched microwave radiometry at 57° N compared with satellite instruments

Peter Forkman, Ole Martin Christensen, Patrick Eriksson et al
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. Vol. 5 (5), p. 2827-2841
Journal article

The role of the QBO in the inter-hemispheric coupling of summer mesospheric temperatures

P. J. Espy, S. O. Fernandez, Peter Forkman et al
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. Vol. 11 (2), p. 495-502
Journal article

Validation of ground-based microwave radiometers at 22 GHz for stratospheric and mesospheric water vapor

A. Haefele, E. De Wachter, K. Hocke et al
Journal of Geophysical Research. Vol. 114 (23)
Journal article

Seasonal variation in the correlation of airglow temperature and emission rate

P.J. Espy, Peter Forkman, Donal Murtagh
Geophysical Res. Lett.. Vol. 34, p. L17802-
Journal article

An uncooled very low noise Schottky diode receiver front-end for middle atmospheric ozone and carbon monoxide measurements

Peter Forkman, V. I. Piddyachiy, A. M. Korolev et al
International Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves. Vol. 27 (1), p. 25-35
Journal article

Observing the Vertical Branch of the Mesospheric Circulation at lat N 60° Using Ground Based Measurements of CO and H2O

Peter Forkman, Patrick Eriksson, Donal Murtagh
Journal of Geophysical Research. Vol. 110 (D5), p. 1-11
Journal article

Uncooled low noise frontend of the receiver system for ground-based monitoring of stratospheric ozone and carbon monoxide

Peter Forkman, V.M. Shulga, V.I. Piddiachii et al
Proceedings of the 5th International Kharkov Symposium "Physics and Engineering of Millimeter and Sub-millimeter Waves (MSMW´04), Ukraine. Vol. 2, p. 886-888
Other conference contribution

Strato-mesospheric Measurements of Carbon Monoxide with the Odin Sub-millimetre Radiometer: Retrieval and First Results

E. Dupuy, Joachim Urban, P. Ricaud et al
Geophysical Research Letters. Vol. 31 (20)
Journal article

The 22 GHz radio-aeronomy receiver at Onsala Space Observatory

Peter Forkman, Patrick Eriksson, Anders Winnberg
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer. Vol. 77 (1), p. 23-42
Journal article

Longest continous ground-based measurements of mesospheric CO

Peter Forkman, Patrick Eriksson, Anders Winnberg et al
Geophysical Research Letters. Vol. 30 (10)
Journal article

The radio-aeronomy station at Onsala space observatory

Peter Forkman
Licentiate thesis

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