Linnea Qvirist

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Screening of xylose utilizing and high lipid producing yeast strains as a potential candidate for industrial application

Linnea Qvirist, Friederike Mierke, Ricardo Vázques-Juárez et al
BMC Microbiology. Vol. 22 (1), p. 173-
Journal article

Technological potential of Bifidobacterium aesculapii strains for fermented soymilk production

Francesca Patrignani, Monica Modesto, Samanta Michelini et al
LWT - Food Science and Technology. Vol. 89, p. 689-696
Journal article

Bifidobacterium callitrichidarum sp. nov. from the faeces of the emperor tamarin (Saguinus imperator)

Monica Modesto, Samanta Michelini, Maria Cristina Sansosti et al
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology. Vol. 68 (1), p. 141-148
Journal article

Strain improvement of Pichia kudriavzevii TY13 for raised phytase production and reduced phosphate repression

Linnea Qvirist, Egor Vorontsov, Jenny Veide Vilg et al
Microbial Biotechnology. Vol. 10 (2), p. 341-353
Journal article

Isolation, identification and characterization of yeasts from fermented goat milk of the Yaghnob Valley in Tajikistan

Linnea Qvirist, Carlotta De Filippo, Francesco Strati et al
Frontiers in Microbiology. Vol. 7 (1690)
Journal article

Secretion of non-cell-bound phytase by the yeast Pichia kudriavzevii TY13

Andreas Hellström, Linnea Qvirist, Ulf Svanberg et al
Journal of Applied Microbiology. Vol. 118 (5), p. 1126-1136
Journal article

Assessing phytase activity–methods, definitions and pitfalls.

Linnea Qvirist, Nils-Gunnar Carlsson, Thomas Andlid
Journal of Biological Methods (JBM). Vol. 2 (1)
Journal article

Seasonal and spatial variation in biochemical composition of Saccharina latissima during a potential harvesting season for Western Sweden

Jenny Veide Vilg, Göran M. Nylund, Tony Werner et al
Botanica Marina. Vol. 58 (6), p. 435-447
Journal article

Biofortification of fermented foods with selected yeasts for raised folate content and mineral availability

Linnea Qvirist, Jenny Veide Vilg, Thomas Andlid
Chalmers life science engineering area of advance meeting, May 5 Göteborg.
Conference poster

Bioethanol production using algal biomass produced on waste material as substrate

Linnea Qvirist, Francesco Gentili, Eva Albers
Life Science Engineering Area of Advance Conference-From Human health to Biosustainability – Future challenges for Life Science at Chalmers, November 19, Sweden
Conference poster

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