Rafael Basso

Doctoral Student at Automatic Control

Rafael Basso is an industrial PhD student in the Automatic Control research group, in cooperation with Volvo Group Trucks Technology. His research focuses on real-time route optimization for complete fleets of electric trucks for urban distribution of goods.

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Electric Vehicle Routing Problem with Machine Learning for Energy Prediction

Rafael Basso, Balázs Adam Kulcsár, Ivan Sanchez-Diaz
Transportation Research Part B: Methodological. Vol. 145, p. 24-55
Journal article

A Time-Efficiency Study of Medium-Duty Trucks Delivering in Urban Environments

Ivan Sanchez-Diaz, Laura Palacios-Arguello, Anders Levandi et al
Sustainability. Vol. 12 (1), p. 425-
Journal article

Energy consumption estimation integrated into the Electric Vehicle Routing Problem

Rafael Basso, Balázs Adam Kulcsár, Bo Egardt et al
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment. Vol. 69, p. 141-167
Journal article

Electric vehicle routing problem – a nested two level approach

Rafael Basso, Balázs Adam Kulcsár, Bo Egardt et al
Proceedings of Swedish transportation research conference Stockholm 17-18 October 2017
Paper in proceedings

Traffic aware electric vehicle routing

Rafael Basso, Peter Lindroth, Balázs Adam Kulcsár et al
IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,November 1-4, p. Art no 7795588, Pages 416-421
Paper in proceedings

Feasibility study of the electrification of the urban goods distribution transport system, part II

Jon Williamsson, Sofia Löfstrand, Johan Lodin et al

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EL FORT - Optimering av elfordonsflotta i Real-Tid - (Fas 2)

Balázs Adam Kulcsár Automatic Control
Rafael Basso Automatic Control
Ivan Sanchez-Diaz Service Management and Logistics

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