Patricia Remón Ruiz

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Light-driven control of the composition of a supramolecular network

Patricia Remón Ruiz, David González, Shiming Li et al
Chemical Communications. Vol. 55 (30), p. 4335-4338
Journal article

On the use of diarylmaleimide derivatives in biological contexts: An investigation of the photochromic properties in aqueous solution

Cassandra Fleming, Patricia Remón Ruiz, Shiming Li et al
Dyes and Pigments. Vol. 137, p. 410-420
Journal article

An acido- and photochromic molecular device that mimics triode action

Patricia Remón Ruiz, Shiming Li, Morten Grötli et al
Chemical Communications. Vol. 52 (25), p. 4659-4662
Journal article

Reversible Energy-Transfer Switching on a DNA Scaffold

Magnus Bälter, Martin Hammarson, Patricia Remón Ruiz et al
Journal of the American Chemical Society. Vol. 137 (7), p. 2444-2447
Journal article

An All-Photonic Molecule-Based D Flip-Flop

Patricia Remón Ruiz, Magnus Bälter, Shiming Li et al
Journal of the American Chemical Society. Vol. 133 (51), p. 20742-20745
Journal article

OFF-ON-OFF Fluorescence Switch with T-Latch Function

V. F. Pais, Patricia Remón Ruiz, D. Collado et al
Organic Letters. Vol. 13 (20), p. 5572-5575
Journal article

Molecular Implementation of Sequential and Reversible Logic Through Photochromic Energy Transfer Switching

Patricia Remón Ruiz, Martin Hammarson, Shiming Li et al
Chemistry - A European Journal. Vol. 17 (23), p. 6492-6500
Journal article

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