Sebastian Gonzalez-Pintor

Doktor at Chalmers, Physics, Subatomic and Plasma Physics

I am working on numerical approximations for partial differential equations, and more specifically on Discontinuous Galerkin methods. My current research focus on transport equations, as well as multi-scale and multi-physics problems in reactor physics.




Development of Revolutionary and Accurate Methods for Safety Analyses of Future and Existing Reactors (DREAM4SAFER)

Christophe Demaziere Nuclear Engineering
Mohammad Asadzadeh Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Srdjan Sasic Fluid Dynamics
Henrik Ström Fluid Dynamics
Sebastian Gonzalez-Pintor Nuclear Engineering
Lars Davidson Fluid Dynamics
Swedish Research Council (VR)

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QZ-decomposition for matrix-free sweep with high order DG-FEM

Anders Ålund, Sebastian Gonzalez-Pintor, Christophe Demaziere
Paper in proceedings

Discontinuity factors for 1D PN equations using a Finite Element Method

Sebastian Gonzalez-Pintor, Antoni Vidal-Ferràndiz, Christophe Demaziere et al
Paper in proceedings

Schwarz type preconditioners for the neutron diffusion equation

Antoni Vidal, Sebastian Gonzalez-Pintor, Damian Ginestar et al
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics. Vol. 309, p. 563-574
Journal article

Use of discontinuity factors in high-order finite element methods

Christophe Demaziere, Antoni Vidal-Ferràndiz, Mohammad Asadzadeh et al
Annals of Nuclear Energy. Vol. 87 Part 2, p. 728-738
Journal article

Homogenization techniques for the neutron transport equation using the finite element method

Antoni Vidal-Ferràndiz, Christophe Demaziere, Sebastian Gonzalez-Pintor et al
Chapter in monograph, book

Substructuring preconditioners for the neutron diffusion equation

Antoni Vidal-Ferràndiz, Christophe Demaziere, Damian Ginestar et al
Paper in proceedings

Interior penalty discontinuous Galerkin method for a homogenized diffusion equation in reactor simulations

Gumersindo Verdú, Christophe Demaziere, Mohammad Asadzadeh et al
Proc. Joint Int. Conf. Mathematics and Computation (M&C), Supercomputing in Nuclear Applications (SNA) and the Monte Carlo (MC) Method (MC2015), p. 865-877
Paper in proceedings

High Order Finite Element Method for the Lambda modes problem on hexagonal geometry

G. Verdú, D. Ginestar, Sebastian Gonzalez-Pintor
Annals of Nuclear Energy. Vol. 36 (9), p. 1450-1462
Journal article