Samrand Shafeie

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Phase stability and structural transitions in compositionally complex LnMO3 perovskites

J. Cedervall, Rebecca Clulow, Hanna L.B. Boström et al
Journal of Solid State Chemistry. Vol. 300
Journal article

Balancing Scattering Channels: A Panoscopic Approach toward Zero Temperature Coefficient of Resistance Using High-Entropy Alloys

Samrand Shafeie, Sheng Guo, Paul Erhart et al
Advanced Materials. Vol. 31 (2)
Journal article

Aluminizing for enhanced oxidation resistance of ductile refractory high-entropy alloys

Saad Ahmed Sheikh, Lu Gan, Te Kang Tsao et al
Intermetallics. Vol. 103, p. 40-51
Journal article

Alloy design for intrinsically ductile refractory high-entropy alloys

Saad Ahmed Sheikh, Samrand Shafeie, Q. Hu et al
Journal of Applied Physics. Vol. 120 (16), p. Art no 164902-
Journal article

High-entropy alloys as high-temperature thermoelectric materials

Samrand Shafeie, Sheng Guo, Q. Hu et al
Journal of Applied Physics. Vol. 118 (18)
Journal article

Crystal structure, thermal expansion and high-temperature electrical conductivity of A-site deficient La2-zCo1+y(MgxNb1-x)1-yO6 double perovskites

Samrand Shafeie, B. Dreyer, R.H.P. Awater et al
Journal of Solid State Chemistry. Vol. 229, p. 243-251
Journal article

Tracking of high-temperature thermal expansion and transport properties vs. oxidation state of cobalt between +2 and +3 in the La 2Co 1+z(Ti 1-xMg x) 1-zO 6-system

Samrand Shafeie, J. Grins, S. Y. Istomin et al
Journal of Materials Chemistry. Vol. 22 (32), p. 16269-16276
Journal article

Synthesis and characterisation of the novel double perovskites La2CrB2/3Nb1/3O6, B = Mg, Ni, Cu

G. Svensson, J. Grins, Samrand Shafeie et al
Materials Research Bulletin. Vol. 47 (9), p. 2449-2454
Journal article

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Modulated Composite Structures: A 3D Bulk Approach to Incoherent Hetero-Structure Interface Engineering in Oxides for Future Low Temperature Energy Applications (MODCOMS)

Göran Wahnström Materials and Surface Theory
Samrand Shafeie Materials and Surface Theory
European Commission (EC)

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