Sigita Vaiciulyte

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Identifying a marine microalgae with high carbohydrate productivities under stress and potential for efficient flocculation

Joshua Mayers, Sigita Vaiciulyte, Eric Malmhäll Bah et al
Algal Research. Vol. 31, p. 430-442
Journal article

Sufficient CO2 concentration is crucial for high biomass formation of marine microalgae

Sigita Vaiciulyte, Joshua Mayers, Anna Godhe et al
Proceedings of 4th Latin-American Society of Environmental and Algal Biotechnology Congress (SOLABIAA), November 8-13, Brazil
Paper in proceedings

Batch Growth of Chlorella Vulgaris CCALA 896 versus Semi-Continuous Regimen for Enhancing Oil-Rich Biomass Productivity

Sigita Vaiciulyte, G. Padovani, J. Kostkeviciene et al
Energies. Vol. 7 (6), p. 3840-3857
Journal article

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