Fredrik Olindersson

Lecturer at Maritime Studies

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Assessing the Challenges to the International Convention of Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping in the Era of Digitalization and Automation

Scott Mackinnon, Reto Weber, Monica Lundh et al
Proceedings of the International Association of Maritime Universities Conference. Vol. 2023-October
Paper in proceeding

The concept of the sustainable port – ports becoming enablers of sustainability in trans-ports and logistics

Sandra Haraldson, Mikael Lind, Zeeshan Raza et al
Report - Lighthouse - Swedish Maritime Competence Centre

Artificial Intelligence in Maritime Navigation: A Human Factors Perspective

Scott Mackinnon, Reto Weber, Fredrik Olindersson et al
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. Vol. 1212 AISC, p. 429-435
Paper in proceeding

Using a web-based simulation software in education

Reto Weber, Fredrik Olindersson, Fredrik Olsson
Proceedings of the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) Conference, p. 150-157
Paper in proceeding

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Navigational support from shore - Phase 2

Reto Weber Nautical Studies
Mats Gruvefeldt Nautical Studies
Fredrik Olindersson Maritime Studies
Swedish Transport Administration


Better environmental performance in shipping and improved onboard practices

Fredrik Olindersson Maritime Studies
Kjell Saebbö Nautical Studies
Christopher Anderberg Nautical Studies
Mehran Javadi Maritime Environmental Sciences
Lars Telestam Nautical Studies
Ida-Maja Hassellöv Maritime Environmental Sciences
Lena Granhag Maritime Environmental Sciences
Anna Lunde Hermansson Maritime Environmental Sciences
The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management


Sea Traffic Management Validation Project (STM Validation Project)

Fredrik Olindersson Nautical Studies
Reto Weber Nautical Studies
Scott MacKinnon Nautical Studies
Region Västra Götaland
European Commission (EC)

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