Sotirios Grammatikos

Doktor at Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Building Technology

Sotirios is a PostDoc Research Fellow at the Division of Building Technology. Sotirios works on future emerging technologies based on graphene-enhanced composites materials for sustainable buildings and infrastructure. His work is focused on smart polymer, cementitious and asphalt matrix nano-composites for demanding applications. Sotirios goal is the combination of academic and industrial sectors in the production, characterization (nano, micro, macro), application, repair and maintenance of advanced composite materials & structures. His work is co-funded by Chalmers and Graphene Flagship.




Long-term performance monitoring of concrete structures using a novel graphene-based DURAble SENSor

Sotirios Grammatikos Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Building Technology
Johan Liu Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience (MC2), Electronics Materials and Systems

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Multi-scale computational homogenisation to predict the long-term durability of composite structures

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Computers & structures. Vol. 181, p. 21-31
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed

Thermal cycling effects on the durability of a pultruded GFRP material for off-shore civil engineering structures

Sotirios Grammatikos, R.G. Jones, M. Evernden et al
Composite structures. Vol. 153, p. 297-310
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed