Sven Andersson

Adjunct Professor at Energy and Material

Sven Andersson’s research focuses on minimising the environmental impact and maximising the energy efficiency of industrial thermal processes, such as Waste-to-Energy. Sven specializes in scale-up, modelling and commercialisation of chemical engineering processes. Some examples are:
- ADIOX for dioxin removal from gases.
- Sulfur Recirculation for minimising high temperature corrosion and dioxin formation.
- Fly ash leaching with zinc recovery.

Sven Andersson is Manager R&D at Babcock & Wilcox Vølund AB (prev. Götaverken Miljö).

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High temperature corrosion memory in a waste fired boiler – Influence of sulfur

Maria Dolores Paz Olausson, Julien Phother Simon, Sven Andersson et al
Waste Management. Vol. 130, p. 30-37
Journal article

Zinc recovery from Waste-to-Energy fly ash – A pilot test study

Karin Karlfeldt Fedje, Sven Andersson
Waste Management. Vol. 118, p. 90-98
Journal article

Investigation of the Collection Efficiency of a Wet Electrostatic Precipitator at a Municipal Solid Waste-Fueled Combined Heat and Power Plant Using Various Measuring Methods

Jens Pettersson, Sven Andersson, Linda Bafver et al
Energy & Fuels. Vol. 33 (6), p. 5282-5292
Journal article

High Temperature Corrosion and Dioxin Abatement Using Sulfur Recirculation in a Waste-to-Energy Plant

Sven Andersson, Maria Dolores Paz Olausson, Julien Phother Simon et al
DETRITUS. Vol. 5 (Mars), p. 92-98
Journal article

Investigation of the Behavior of Alkali Chlorides during Sulfur Recirculation in a Waste-to-Energy Facility

Thomas Allgurén, Oskar Sundborg, Albin Tärnåsen et al
Paper in proceeding

Sulphur recirculation for high temperature corrosion and dioxin abatement in Waste-to-Energy boilers

Sven Andersson, Niels Peder Hanse
Sulphur 2018 + Sulphuric Acid, p. 315-320
Paper in proceeding

Flow measurements on a turbulent fibre suspension by Laser Doppler Anemometry.

Sven Andersson, Anders Rasmuson
AIChE J.. Vol. 46, p. 1106-1119
Journal article

The influence of some fibre and solution properties on pulp fibre friction.

Sven Andersson, T. Nordstrand, Anders Rasmuson
J. Pulp and Paper Sci.. Vol. 26, p. 67-71
Journal article

The network strength of non-flocculated fibre suspensions with continuous length distributions.

Sven Andersson, Johan Ringnér, Anders Rasmuson
Nordic Pulp&Paper Research J.. Vol. 14, p. 61-70
Journal article

Network Disruption and Turbulence in Fibre Suspensions

Sven Andersson
Doctoral thesis

Dry and wet friction of single pulp and synthetic fibres,

Anders Rasmuson, Sven Andersson
J. Pulp and Paper Sci.. Vol. 23, p. 5-11
Journal article

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