Sverker Holmgren

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Recruited in 2020 by Chalmers University of Technology as the Director of Chalmers e-Infrastructure Commons. Chalmers e-Commons is a recently initiated digital research infrastructure, implementing and/or providing access to the full spectrum of services needed by Chalmers researchers using a data-centric approach. E-Commons is also the local interface towards national and international e-infrastructure and data initiatives. He is appointed as the Chalmers Delegate to the European Open Science Cloud Council and the Chalmers representative in the European university network CESAER´s Working Group on Open Science.CV in short: May 2020: Director of Chalmers e-Infrastructure Commons at Chalmers University of Technology2010: Professor in Scientific Computing at Uppsala University (on leave). 2011-2019: Program Director for the Nordic e-Science Globalisation Initiative, NordForsk, Oslo (part-time)1993-2010: Senior Lecturer (“Universitetslektor”) in Scientific Computing, Uppsala University 1987-1993: PhD student

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