Tariq Rafiq

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Statistical validation of multi-mode model for anomalous transport to high beta and ITB tokamak scenarios in KSTAR

Tariq Rafiq, E Shuster, A. Y. Pankin et al
Bulletin of the American Physical Society. Vol. 64 (11)
Other conference contribution

Microtearing Modes in Low Collisionality NSTX Discharges

Tariq Rafiq, S.M. Kaye, W Guttenfelder et al
Other conference contribution

Non-Linear Langevin and Fractional Fokker-Planck Equations for Anomalous Diffusion by Levy Stable~Processes

Johan Anderson, Sara Moradi, Tariq Rafiq
Entropy. Vol. 20 (10)
Journal article

Microtearing modes in tokamak discharges

Tariq Rafiq, Jan Weiland, A.H. Kritz et al
Physics of Plasmas. Vol. 23 (6)
Journal article

Collisionless trapped electron and ion temperature gradient modes in an advanced tokamak equilibrium

Ansar Mahmood, Tariq Rafiq, Mikael Persson et al
Physics of Plasmas. Vol. 16 (2), p. 022503-
Journal article

Geometrical effects on drift wave stability in low shear stellarator plasmas

Maqsood Naseem, Tariq Rafiq, Mikael Persson
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion
Journal article

Comparison of electron drift waves in numerical and analytical tokamak equilibria

Tariq Rafiq, Johan Anderson, Mikael Persson
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion. Vol. 46 (1), p. 105-122
Journal article

Study of ITG Modes in ITER geometry

Ansar Mahmood, Tariq Rafiq, Maqsood Naseem et al
Annual meeting RUSA, April 20-21, Nyköping , (2004)
Other conference contribution

Drift waves in stellarator plasmas

Tariq Rafiq
Licentiate thesis

A comparison of drift wave stability in stellarator and tokamak geometry

Johan Anderson, Tariq Rafiq, Mohammad Nadeem et al
Physics of Plasmas. Vol. 9 (5), p. 1629-
Journal article

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