Microtearing Modes in Low Collisionality NSTX Discharges
Paper in proceedings, 2019

Recently, a new unified fluid/kinetic MTM model is developed and incorporated into the
Multi-Mode Model (MMM). The MTM model has been found to reproduce many of the linear
gyrokinetic results predicted in NSTX discharges, such as the variation of real frequency and growth
rates with poloidal wavenumber, beta, and electron temperature (T e ) and density gradients. A
particularly important result is that the model recovers the non-monotonic dependence of linear
MTM growth rate with collision frequency.


S.M. Kaye

W Guttenfelder

Johan Anderson

Chalmers, Space, Earth and Environment

Jan Weiland

Chalmers, Physics

A. Y. Pankin

Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference

Vol. 2019 1

2019 International Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference
Princeton, USA,

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Fusion, Plasma and Space Physics

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