Joaquim Tarraso

Lecturer at Urban Design and Planning

Joaquim Tarrasó is Architect and Senior Lecturer in Urban Design. Professionally established in Barcelona and Gothenburg, during his practice he has worked in many types and scales of buildings and public spaces, from a strategic level to built projects, bringing definition to the last details. As a teacher and thesis supervisor in Urban Design, Joaquim is interested in the field defined between Architecture, Landscape and Infrastructures, understanding the Urban environment as a complex matter that needs to be approached transversely, and Public Space as a structural tool in the city life.

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UEQ - simulations, visualizations and evaluations of future sustainable urban environments

Angela Sasic Kalagasidis Building Technology
Gaetano Sardina Fluid Dynamics
Andreas Mark Unknown organization
Marie Haeger-Eugensson Unknown organization
Marco Adelfio Urban Design and Planning
Joaquim Tarraso Architecture and Civil Engineering

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