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Interactions of novel, nonhemolytic surfactants with phospholipid vesicles.

Per Thoren, Olle Söderman, Sven Engström et al
Langmuir. Vol. 23 (13), p. 6956-6965
Journal article

Membrane destabilizing properties of cell-penetrating peptides

Per Thoren, Daniel Persson, Per Lincoln et al
Biophysical Chemistry. Vol. 114 (2-3), p. 169-179
Journal article

Membrane binding and translocation of cell-penetrating peptides

Per Thoren, Daniel Persson, Elin Esbjörner Winters et al
Biochemistry. Vol. 43 (12), p. 3471-3489
Journal article

Vesicle size-dependent translocation of penetratin analogs across lipid membranes

Daniel Persson, Per Thoren, Elin Esbjörner Winters et al
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Biomembranes. Vol. 1665 (1-2), p. 142-155
Journal article

Vesicle membrane interactions of penetratin analogs

Daniel Persson, Per Thoren, Per Lincoln et al
Biochemistry. Vol. 43, p. 11045-11055
Journal article

Application of a Novel Analysis To Measure the Binding of the Membrane-Translocating Peptide Penetratin to Negatively Charged Liposomes

Daniel Persson, Per Thoren, Mattias Herner et al
Biochemistry. Vol. 42, p. 421-429
Journal article

Uptake of analogs of penetratin, Tat(48-60) and oligoarginine in live cells

Per Thoren, Daniel Persson, Petter Isakson et al
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. Vol. 307 (1), p. 100-107
Journal article

Penetratin-induced Aggregation and Subsequent Dissociation of Negatively Charged Phospholipid Vesicles

Daniel Persson, Per Thoren, Bengt Nordén
FEBS Letters. Vol. 505 (2), p. 307-312
Journal article

Studies of the interaction of penetratin with phospholipid vesicles

Per Thoren, Daniel Persson
Licentiate thesis

The Antennapedia peptide penetratin translocates across lipid bilayers - the first direct observation

Per Thoren, Daniel Persson, M. Karlsson et al
FEBS Letters. Vol. 482 (3), p. 265-268
Journal article

Solubilization of sparingly soluble active compounds in lecithin-based microemulsions: Influence on phase behavior and microstructure

Per Thoren, Christian von Corswant
Langmuir. Vol. 15 (11), p. 3710-3717
Journal article

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