Toni Karlsson

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Investigation of the kinetics and the morphology of cementation products formed during purification of a synthetic zinc sulfate electrolyte

Toni Karlsson, Yu Cao, Yuda Chryspian Colombus et al
Hydrometallurgy. Vol. 181, p. 169-179
Journal article

Recovery of Antimony: A Laboratory Study on the Thermal Decomposition and Carbothermal Reduction of Sb(III), Bi(III), Zn(II) Oxides, and Antimony Compounds from Metal Oxide Varistors

Toni Karlsson, Christer Forsgren, Britt-Marie Steenari
Journal article

Investigations into high temperature separation of antimony from metal oxide varistors

Toni Karlsson, Christer Forsgren, Britt-Marie Steenari
Journal of Cleaner Production. Vol. 162, p. 474-483
Journal article

Investigations into Recycling Zinc from Used Metal Oxide Varistors via pH Selective Leaching: Characterization, Leaching, and Residue Analysis

Toni Karlsson, Anna Gustafsson, Christer Forsgren et al
Scientific World Journal. Vol. 2015
Journal article

Aluminum electroplating on steel from a fused bromide electrolyte

P.K. Tripathy, L. A. Wurth, E. J. Dufek et al
Surface and Coatings Technology. Vol. 258, p. 652-663
Journal article

Evaluation of alkali bromide salts for potential pyrochemical applications

P.K. Tripathy, Toni Karlsson, S.D. Herrmann et al
International Nuclear Fuel Cycle Conference: Nuclear Energy at a Crossroads, GLOBAL 2013; Salt Lake City, UT; United States; 29 September 2013 through 3 October 2013. Vol. 2, p. 867-873
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