Tuomas Rajala

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Growth of a common planktonic diatom quantified using solid medium culturing

Olga Kourtchenko, Tuomas Rajala, Anna Godhe
Scientific Reports. Vol. 8
Journal article

Hierarchical models for epidermal nerve fiber data

Claes Andersson, Tuomas Rajala, Aila Särkkä
Statistics in Medicine. Vol. 37 (3), p. 357-374
Journal article

A three-dimensional anisotropic point process characterization for pharmaceutical coatings

Henrike Häbel, Tuomas Rajala, M. Marucci et al
Spatial Statistics. Vol. 22, p. 306-320
Journal article

Variational Bayes approach for classification of points in superpositions of point processes

Tuomas Rajala, Claudia Redenbach, Aila Särkkä et al
Spatial Statistics. Vol. 15, p. 85-99
Journal article

Estimating geometric anisotropy in spatial point patterns

Tuomas Rajala, Aila Särkkä, Claudia Redenbach et al
Spatial Statistics. Vol. 15, p. 100-114
Journal article

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