Visakha Raja

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The research work is an industrial PhD project at GKN Aerospace Engine Systems, Sweden that specializes in the design and manufacture of aero engine static structures. The company is a tier-1 supplier to major aero engine OEM’s. The research objective is to investigate how static engine structures are affected by changes in engine architectures (for example how would the structure need to change when a two shaft turbo-fan engine is replaced with a geared turbo-fan engine for the same power output) and how a design change at a component level might influence overall engine performance. Knowledge of how components are affected due to change in engine architectures would result in improved designs for components, for example reduced weight. Knowledge of how overall engine performance is affected by component behavior would enable engine manufacturers make meaningful trade-offs regarding selection and usage of components. The project in overall aim to enable informed design decisions for aero-engine structural components that could lead to efficient engines with lower fuel burns and reduced emissions.




Design for performance – advanced powerplant architecture and integration

Tomas Grönstedt Fluid Dynamics
Rikard Söderberg Product and Production Development
Visakha Raja Product Development
Ola Isaksson Product Development
Hans L Johannesson Product Development

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Exploring Influence of Static Engine Component Design Variables on System Level Performance

Visakha Raja, Sebastian Samuelsson, Ola Isaksson et al
22nd International Symposium on Air Breathing Engines, ISABE2015
Conference paper - non peer reviewed

Generic Functional Decomposition of an Integrated Jet Engine Mechanical Sub System Using a Configurable Component Approach

Visakha Raja, Ola Isaksson,
22nd ISPE Inc. International Conference on Concurrent Engineering, CE 2015, TU Delft, Netherlands, 20-23 July 2015. Vol. 2, p. 337-346
Conference paper - peer reviewed